Our Company

Made at Home Entertainment (MAHE) is an international music entertainment company based in The Netherlands with a new becoming professional and strong market position.
MAHE team is formed by young and ambitions professionals that tend to be leaders on recording, publishing and merchandising music.
MAHE entertainment shows are based on fantastic performances that will be executed by great and talented artists.
Let the Magic Happen!

Peddy Lobaton

is an amazing and talented singer songwriter whose musical exploits range from a fusion of different genres of music such as Black Gospel, Latin soul, jazz and mainstream pop. In his music one can find both philosophical, Gospel and emotional love stories through his outspoken lyrics.

Frances de Jong

Frances de Jong is one of the most complete and fantastic artists of the Dutch scene. She is incredibly talented not only as a dancer but also as a Singer, photo model and actress. At the moment Frances is working on her solo music single called “Freedom”.

Gab Velasquez

MAHE is Introducing Gab Velazquez, one of our most promised talents in the Dutch scene. Gabriel Velasquez is a Musician, Producer and Dj who has played across many countries, in Europe and America, for the past 10 years.

DJ Ricky V

Ricky V is a talented producer, musician and fantastic DJ. Ricky V started his artistic carrier in the tropical Venezuela where his roots also lay. He did build up a great reputation in the great Margarita Island in famous Places like Mosquito Coast and Eye Discotheque among others.